Head injury and trauma are the leading causes of death and disability amongst the young, active population in Australia. Our trauma teams are engaged in research investigating all aspects of trauma care from pre-hospital care to determining the microenvironment dynamics in the wound to longitudinal health outcomes.

With the Australian Defence Force joining our centre, research in military trauma medicine has expanded, particularly in the treatment of traumatic coagulopathy, traumatic brain injury, pulmonary contusion and trauma systems design. Much of this work will also benefit civilian patients, particularly those in rural hospitals.

Current projects

  • The tyranny of distance: exploring contributory factors for delays in transfer and intervention in multi-trauma patients. Wullschleger M, Pollard C, Dulhunty J, Paratz J, Hosein S, Bandeshe H, Elcock M, Rashford S.
  • Investigation of the Cerebral Microcirculation after Head Injury: Pilot Study. Bellapart J, Boots R, Fraser J, Maybauer M, Helps S. Funder: Brain Foundation, Defence Health Foundation, RBWH
  • Post Concussion Syndrome: A longitudinal investigation of patient outcomes following mild traumatic brain injury. Greenslade J, Sullivan K, Edmed S. Funder: RBWH
  • Micro-environment analysis of traumatic wounds using microdialysis to determine molecular and biochemical markers and antibiotic concentrations. Wullschleger M, Roberts J, Pollard C, Lipman J, Tetsworth K, Upton Z Funder: RBWH
  • The Australasian Sedation Practice in Intensive Care Evaluation (SPICE) Randomised Controlled Trial. Shehabi, Y, Bellomo R, Reade M, Bailey M, Bass F, Howe B, MacArthur C, Seppelt I, Webb S, Weisbrodt L. Funder: NHMRC, Hospira, Orion Corporation
  • Prehospital Antifibrinolytics for Traumatic Coagulopathy associated with Haemorrhage (The PATCH Study). Gruen R, Mitra B, Bernard S, Jacobs I, Medcalf R, Reade M, Tran H. Funder: NHMRC
  • Towards optimisation of  tissue oxygenation in the critically ill. The effect of fresh and aged blood in infection and trauma. Fraser J, Chew M, Fung L, Reade M, Shekar K, Molenaar P, Tung JP, Dunster K, Moore J , Edelman J, Thom O. Funder: QEMRF, TPCH Foundation
  • Evaluation of cryopreserved platelets for the treatment of perioperative haemorrhage. Reade M, Holley A, Irving D, Marks D, Johnson L, Fraser J, Bellomo R, Gattas D. Funder: ANZCA, Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS)