Facilities and equipment for research purposes

  • Tertiary Intensive Care Unit - all pathology and radiological investigations available
  • Tertiary Burns Unit - all pathology and radiological investigations available
  • Skin Culture Facility
  • Fully equipped bioanalytical laboratory with HPLC & LCMS capabilities
  • Hollow fibre infection model -  a state- of- the art dynamic in vitro infection model for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic profiling of antibiotics 
  • Screening antibacterial activity with static-concentration time-kill kinetics and susceptibility assays
  • Non-invasive haemodynamic monitors (Flowtrac and USCOM)
  • Portable Metamax metabolic analyzer
  • MicroScan - Sidestream Dark Field technology incorporated in the MicroScan enables the visualization of the microcirculation at the bedside.
  • CORTEX DermaScan - state-of-the-art high frequency ultrasound scanner which provides high resolution skin imaging.
  • MEDTEL Thromboelastograph - a point of care device for rapid diagnosis and differentiation of hypercoaguable and hyperfibrinolytic situations which measures the visco elastic properties of blood.
  • Fully equipped exercise gymnasium
  • Respiratory mechanics monitor


  • Epidemiological support
  • Statistical advice
  • Expert postgraduate supervision
  • Data mining