The Department of Emergency Medicine's (DEM) research focus centres around improving outcomes and evaluating new processes for treating patients in the Emergency Department.

Current projects

  • The Sepsis Registry: A prospective database to characterise and facilitate improved outcome for admitted patients with community-acquired infection. Williams J, Paterson D, Lipman J, Greenslade J, Brown A, Paratz J, Dulhunty J, Chu K.
  • Accelerated pathway in the assessment of acute coronary syndrome in the DEM. Cullen L, Brown A, Than M, Greenslade J, Hammett C, Hou X-Y, Ungerer J, Chu K, Parsonage W.
  • Evaluation of a new massive transfusion protocol for exsanguinating trauma patients. Hurn C, Muller M, Cook S, Chu K, Greenslade J, Hou X-Y, Campbell D, Holley A, Rowell J.
  • Medication and fluid orders in the Emergency Department: Examining the incidence of error and adverse events. Richardson P, Greenslade J, Doran E, Chu K
  • Post Concussion Syndrome: A longitudinal investigation of patient outcomes following mild traumatic brain injury. Greenslade J, Sullivan K, Edmed S. Funder: RBWH
  • A comprehensive evaluation of a hospital in nursing home program in three Queensland hospitals. Lukin W, Hou X-Y et al Funder: QEMRF
  • Rapid assessment of cardiac chest pain: The Australia and New Zealand Assessment of chest Pain Rule (ANZAP rule): A prospective validation study. Cullen L, Brown AT, Greenslade J, Chu K, Hou J, Parsonage W, Graves N, Than M, Tate J. Funder: QEMRF
  • Diagnostic workup for suspected subarachnoid haemorrhage. Chu K. Funder: QEMRF
  • Prevalence and risk factors associated with CA-MRSA in Queensland Urban Emergency Departments: A prospective  study. Williams J, Paterson D, Nimmo G, Greenslade J, Doucet K, Chu K. Funder: QEMRF
  • Checking radiology reports and reviewing patient records: an IT solution for preventing missed limb fractures. Chu K, Lind J, Walholikar A, Crilly J, O'Dwyer J, Philips N, Greenslade J, Keijzers G. Funder: QEMRF
  • Drugs for the treatment of nausea and vomiting in adult patients in the Emergency Department setting. Furyk J, Egerton-Warburton D, Meek R. Funder: QEMRF
  • Multicentre randomised controlled trial incorporating bedside lung ultrasound into the diagnosis of congestive cardiac failure in breathless older patients (LUS).  Williamson F, Baker K.
  • A randomised controlled trial of conservative versus interventional treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP). McAuley D, Brown S.
  • End of Life Decision making. Richardson P.
  • Relationship between patient delay distribution and 12-month health outcomes. Cullen L.
  • A decision analytic cost-effectiveness model for chest pain pathways. Cullen L.