Professor Reade is the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Chair of Military Medicine and Surgery and a member of the Burns, Trauma and Critical Care Research Centre at UQ. A specialist intensive care physician, anaesthetist and clinician-scientist, he leads a programme of research relevant to military trauma medicine and surgery, and guides the implementation of modern trauma care into ADF practice.

Professor Reade's clinical research focusses on treatments for exsanguinating haemorrhage, trauma systems, and acute cognitive impairment (such as that which results from traumatic brain injury). He is the Chief Investigator in a clinical trial of cyropreserved (frozen) platelets, a technology which holds equal promise to military and civilian trauma patients. He is also a Chief Investigator in NHMRC-funded multicentre clinical trials of tranexamic acid (a drug thought to reduce mortality from traumatic bleeding), the effect of storage duration on the safety of red cell transfusions, and a novel anti-delirium strategy for use in critically ill patients. He has active research collaborations with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, the Critical Care Research Group at Prince Charles Hospital (with whom he is developing preclinical models of acute traumatic coagulopathy), the National Trauma Research Institute, the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Research Centre and the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group.

Professor Reade is also developing a research programme focussed on trauma systems design, in collaboration with colleagues in the Australian state ambulance services and the US and UK armed forces, aiming (for example) to optimise the allocation of prehospital and hospital resources in the management of life-threatening trauma.