The Centre of Research Excellence in Redefining Antimicrobial Use to Reduce Resistance (CRE REDUCE)  invite you to attend our upcoming Advanced Population Pharmacokinetic/ Pharmacodynamic Modelling Workshop. 

This workshop aims to build capacity in pharmacokinetic modelling and dose optimisation of antimicrobials so that attendees will be able to design and analyse clinical, in vitro or animal studies with the aim of informing robust dosing regimen selection.

The objectives of this workshop will be to:

  • Create PK and PK/PD datasets appropriate for population analysis
  • Fit models to data to estimate population and individual distribution of parameter values
  • Make and customize pharmacometric plots
  • Perform basic and Monte Carlo simulations for PK-PD analysis of antimicrobials

For more information and to register please visit the CRE REDUCE webpage.


Advanced Population Pharmacokinetic/ Pharmacodynamic Modelling Workshop

Thu 13 Sep 2018 8:45amSat 15 Sep 2018 4:30am


The University of Queensland Union College Upland Road, St Lucia, QLD 4067
Innes Room Union College