BTCCRC Researchers Win Awards

14 Mar 2018

Prof Jeffrey LipmanCongratulations to Prof Jeffrey Lipman who was awarded the 2018 Warwick Parer Award for Outstanding Contribution to RBWH Medical Research.

Congratulations to the following staff and students who, as Chief Investigators, were awarded RBWH & RBWH Foundation Research Grant Awards:

Dr Menino Os Cotta – “Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic sub study of patients with severe sepsis randomised to receive beta-lactam antibiotics by either intermittent or continuous infusion”.

Dr Louis Guy – “Transnasal humidified rapid-insufflation ventilator exchange (THRIVE) in bariatric patients: A randomised controlled trial”.

Dr Carl Lisec – “Instrumented mattress overlay for body-weight measurement”.

Nilesh Kumta – “Optimising antibiotic CSF exposures for the treatment of central nervous system infections”.

Dr Lupinsky Liad – “Effect of albumin resuscitation on drug pharmacokinetics in low protein and LPS challenged sheep”

Prof Jeffrey Lipman & Dr Joel Dulhunty – “Beta-Lactam Infusion Group phase III study (BLING III)”

Prof Jason Roberts – “Can software optimise antibiotic dosing in critically ill patients?”

Congratulations to the following staff who were awarded RBWH Postgraduate Research Scholarships:

Dr Michelle Roets – “Intra-operative cell salvage as an alternative to avoid allogeneic (donated) blood transfusion, comparing usage potential and cost effectiveness.”

Cienwen Town – “Ultra-sound guided regional anaesthesia in patients receiving split-skin grafting for burn injuries: A prospective randomised study.”

Lizanne Dalgleish – “The microcirculatory dysfunction and skin breakdown in the critically ill patient.”